Our Solutions

Our Solutions

From invention to in-service

In the offshore energy market, whether it’s fossil or renewable energy, GustoMSC is able to develop the right solution. For new challenges new developments need to be done whereas for existing operations the most efficient solution possible needs to be found.

We offer contractors and owners to tender, and yards to quote, on the basis of a fully customized design without upfront costs. Once a decision to build has been taken, GustoMSC provides the basic design under a license and the associated equipment to the yard.

In the construction phase we reduce the risk as GustoMSC provides guidance and assistance during the detailed design of the unit and installation of the GustoMSC associated equipment.

During operation GustoMSC maintains contact and provides operational support for owners of GustoMSC designs enabling them to seek the boundaries of what is possible with the unit and continuous improve their operations.

From this day-to-day contact with operators, oil and gas companies, contractors and wind farm developers insight are gained into how our designs are performing in the field. There is a trade-off between insights that are gained in practice and those gained by working with the client’s development teams. These insights are used to continuously improve our design and product portfolio.