Our impact

Our impact

striving for a sustainable future

At GustoMSC, we firmly believe that by conducting our operations in a responsible way, we can contribute to a sustainable future. With the introduction of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in 2015, the members of the United Nations introduced a framework which defines a collective goal balancing the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. This will be a success when these 17 SDGs are achieved towards 2030. As pioneering engineers, GustoMSC contributes to several goals and intend to increase our positive impact.

GustoMSC is fully committed to support the SDG’s and we are aware we can make a big impact in the way we act. GustoMSC sponsors several educational programs, we enable the offshore wind energy market since the beginnings, we seek partnerships and are consistently investing in innovative solutions that reduce the carbon footprint in the offshore oil & gas markets and make sure all of our employees work in the safest way possible. 

We also realize we have a responsibility to mitigate negative impact. Our goal is to limit our impact on the environment and the ocean and help our partners to find solutions to mitigate environmental risks.

The GustoMSC business code
GustoMSC has proven to be successful in an ever evolving and globalizing world. This constant change exposes our company to increasingly complex rules and regulations. Awareness of the risks we face and learning how to respond to these risks are essential.

The Business Code describes our business principles, which apply throughout our organization and form the basis for our business decisions. GustoMSC requires all persons working as a GustoMSC representative to adhere to this code. At GustoMSC, we firmly believe that by conducting our operations in a responsible way, we contribute to a sustainable future.

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