Maritime Innovation award for Callirrhoe moonpool design

May 04, 2018

Maritime Innovation award for Callirrhoe moonpool design

Schiedam, Netherlands – May 4, 2018The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) presented the RINA-QinetiQ Maritime Innovation Award to GustoMSC for recognition of the company’s work in reducing environmental emissions through moonpool design.

The Award was announced at the Institution’s Annual Dinner in London on 12 April. The award recognizes innovations that offer the potential to make significant improvements in the design, construction and operation of marine vessels and structures.

GustoMSC has a long history in drillship design. Modern drillships usually feature moonpools through which the drill string and drilling riser pass to reach the seabed. “We do not treat a moonpool as an inconvenient hole in the hull of the ship, but instead try to take advantage of the shape to increase the performance of the vessel”, says Dimitris Chalkias, Senior Engineer Vessels GustoMSC. “In recent years we invested in the research of moonpool performance and design. Our efforts can be showcased with three moonpool technologies; the Callirrhoe, Galene and Euryale moonpool.”

The RINA judging panel was impressed by the Callirrhoe solution put forward by GustoMSC, which gives savings of 37% in resistance compared to other types of mitigation designs. The Panel considered that this solution will translate into significant fuel savings and reduced environmental emissions when in transit.

Callirrhoe moonpool design 

In sailing conditions, large moonpools cause high resistance, slower speeds and green water on deck due to sloshing water in the moonpool, compromising safety. Callirrhoe, a water nymph in Greek mythology, means beautiful flow, which represents how the adverse effects of the moonpool are alleviated. Most common moonpool mitigation devices try to block the water flow from entering the moonpool. To the contrary, the patented Callirrhoe moonpool is comprised of a special hydrodynamic shape which not only allows, but also directs the water flow through the moonpool in a controlled way. “Sloshing completely disappears while at the same time the moonpool added resistance is reduced by 37% compared to a conventional mitigation device”, concludes Jan-Willem Krijger, Expert Engineer CFD GustoMSC.


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