GustoMSC presents the Scylax drillship design

November 29, 2016

GustoMSC presents the Scylax drillship design

cost efficient deep-water capabilities

Schiedam, Netherlands – November 29, 2016 – Having the optimal tool for the given task is essential in order to be cost effective. The Scylax is designed to make developments available in the mid to deep–water market at reduced building and operating costs by providing fit-for-purpose capabilities.


The key is to focus on the essential functionality for deep-water drilling. Whereas ultra-deep water units feature ever increasing hook loads and capacities, these requirements can be reduced for a large amount of the wells in deep-water. Designing the Scylax based on these rationalized requirements allows for different choices to be made in the design, reducing building and operating costs.


Designed around the drilling process, the Scylax provides deep water drilling in a compact design based on a single derrick or drilling mast set-up with off-line stand building, dual BOPs, up to 10,000 ft water depth capability and ample capacity mud systems. Drilling equipment packages of all major manufacturers can be readily integrated into the design.


The Scylax design builds on GustoMSC’s track record in designing dedicated drillships. Signature GustoMSC design features, like maximized usable deck areas resulting from the integrated design and dedicated use, in-hull riser storage and in-hull mud and bulk systems and protected walkways, add to the operational safety and efficiency.


About GustoMSC

GustoMSC is an independent, world renowned and leading design and engineering company, thanks to the vast knowledge and expertise of our dedicated professionals and close relationships with the most influential players in the offshore energy market. GustoMSC serves the offshore industry by providing the best-in-class solutions for mobile offshore units.






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