GustoMSC nominated for Gouden Wimpel 2019

May 15, 2019

GustoMSC nominated for Gouden Wimpel 2019

Last month the KNRM has nominated GustoMSC for the Gouden Wimpel 2019. De KNRM Gouden Wimpel is an appreciation prize intended for people and organizations who have done something extraordinary for the KNRM and thereby contribute a great value to the KNRM.

Friday May 17th the winners of the bronze, silver and golden pennon will be announced during a festive gathering in Ijmuiden.


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The KNRM and GustoMSC

The KNRM has been operating as an independent rescue organization in the territory of the Netherlands Coastguard since 1824. Every year, about 1,400 professionally trained KNRM volunteers rescue over 3,000 people at sea and on inland waterways. We have had GustoMSC employees taking part at the volunteering site of rescuers and unfortunately talking part in the group of people that needed to be rescued at sea.

Safety at sea is an important topic for both GustoMSC and the KNRM. The KNRM lifesaving service is funded entirely by voluntary contributions, donations and legacies. All contributions are spent directly on saving lives at sea.

GustoMSC is a proud sponsor of the KNRM for many years. With support from GustoMSC, KNRM has trained an additional 13 certified lifeguards in the last 5 years. As per 2019 GustoMSC continues the support for KNRM by sponsoring the new KNRM Digital Learning Environment.

KNRM Digital Learning Environment

The number of nautically trained volunteers has fallen sharply in recent decades, making education and training even more important than it already was. A good education and being trained not only increase the chance of a rescue; they are also conditions for the volunteer's own safety. It takes an average of more than three years for a volunteer who has not been nautically trained to obtain all the necessary diplomas and certificates in his own time.

The KNRM is committed to greatly improve both the content and the practical side of its education in the interest of the nearly 1,400 volunteers, who must combine their education and training with an increasingly busy life. The KNRM is sure to be able to achieve this by setting up its own Digital Learning Environment. The KNRM believes that this improvement is necessary to keep the already demanding voluntary work attractive.

As per 2019 GustoMSC continues its support for the KNRM by supporting the design and web-technical building of the Digital Learning Environment in the form of a 3-year donation to the Dutch rescue society.


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