GustoMSC nominated for Best Innovation Award

September 05, 2017

GustoMSC nominated for Best Innovation Award

NG-20000X with Telescopic Leg Crane

GustoMSC is proud to announce that the NG-20000X with Telescopic Leg Crane is nominated for the Offshore Energy Best Innovation in Offshore Energy Award 2017. Together with two other innovations we are now competing for the first place. The winner will be announced during Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference on Monday 9th of October.

Navingo brings the industry together to celebrate impressive achievements in the industry by presenting industry awards. The Award for "Best Innovation in Offshore Energy" is intended to highlight the best innovation in the entire offshore energy market, within the last two years (2015 and 2016). Important criteria for the innovative project, product or service were amongst other things that it’s a new concept/feed study or variation on an existing product or service, that the innovation provides significant benefits (safety, cost reductions, efficiency etc.) beyond existing technologies and that the innovation has to be proven through full-scale application or successful prototype testing. The GustoMSC NG-20000X with Telescopic Leg Crane meets all of these criteria and thus competes for the Best Innovation Award 2017.


Increased Load capacities at different heights

The NG-20000X is the solution for the installation of the next generation wind turbine components and foundations. This self-propelled jack-up design is characterized by a high variable load and large water-depth capability. Equipped with the GustoMSC integrated telescopic leg crane, the NG-20000X is capable of installing heavy foundations (2,500 metric tons at 120 meters) and when the boom is fully extended it reaches adequate lifting height and capacity to install future generation wind turbine components (1,250 metric tons at 160 meters).

By introducing this innovative combination, it is possible to break the cycle of extremely long protruding booms and increasing crane weights, resulting in a more economic crane design and increased variable load available for operations. The telescopic leg crane has been designed on the basis of its successful predecessors: the GustoMSC leg encircling crane designs.


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