GustoMSC introduces Chela

March 20, 2018

GustoMSC introduces Chela

The evolved smart crane with improved safety features

Schiedam, Netherlands – March 20, 2018 – Since its introduction in 2016, GustoMSC’s smart crane for lifting and wireline operations under the drilling cantilever has received valuable industry feedback and interest. Now, two years later, this piece of equipment has evolved into Chela, named after the Greek word for a crab’s claw. Designed to achieve a high level of safety, Chela offers an extra hand in operations. Due to its crablike motion characteristics, it can reach below the cantilever as well as elevate towards the main deck, providing crane access to an area traditionally blocked by the cantilever when drilling.

Three key elements to enhance the overall efficiency of the drilling jack-up were used in the development of this piece of equipment: providing a large lifting envelope and wireline operation capabilities below the cantilever, easing material handling to the platform and increasing safety for lifting over live wells by applying high safety standards. The evolved Chela design raised these safety standards even further. “Safety is simply expected to be at the highest level and we do not take this lightly. Continuous improvement of safety at sea is a key driver for us to further develop our offshore technology. Chela is a perfect example of this ambition”, says Rutger Baan, Commercial Director GustoMSC.

Improved safety features

Besides the reduced human involvement on the drill floor and access to the work area without handshakes, Chela features improved safety features with a fully redundant main hoisting system, a key technical feature needed when working over live wells. As a consequence, no single failure, including the failure of a hoisting rope, will lead to a high risk situation. Additionally, the new design will keep the load steady after rope failure. A snag load absorption system prevents excessive loads on the lifting ropes and structural parts of the crane. These features ensure an inherent safe use of Chela.

Facilitating SIMOPS

Chela enables several activities to take place at the same time on a wellhead platform, doing preparatory work on one well while drilling is done on another well. This feature results in significant savings in rig days for development drilling or plug and abandonment operations that can amount to around 10%. With this multifunctional ability, Chela directly addresses the call from operators for cost reduction while maintaining the highest safety standards.


About GustoMSC

GustoMSC is an independent and reputable design & engineering company of mobile offshore units and equipment. In close cooperation with our clients, we translate experience, science and technical knowledge into realistic & innovative ideas. The performance of new and existing jack-ups, vessels and semi-submersibles is further optimized by our operational support and engineering consultancy. In this way, GustoMSC enables and supports safe and efficient operations at sea, contributing to a sustainable future.


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