Contract award for Cadeler crane

January 14, 2021

Contract award for Cadeler crane

18 December 2020 - Cadeler has contracted NOV to upgrade Wind Orca  (ex Pacific Orca with SBO) with a new and improved crane that meets the future offshore market demand. The contract also maintains the option for delivery of a crane on vessel Wind Osprey (ex Pacific Osprey with SBO).

The new crane will have a lifting capacity of 1600 metric tons at a radius of 40 meters, with the main hook at a height of 159.7 meters above the main deck. This is a substantial upgrade of the vessel capacity today (1200 metric tons lifting capacity at a radius of 31 meters) and will enable installation of next generation offshore wind turbines.

The crane replacement on Wind Orca is expected to be initiated in October 2023 with completion in March 2024.

Source: Cadeler

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