CJ43 - a modern solution for mature jack-up territory

November 09, 2015

CJ43 - a modern solution for mature jack-up territory

Cantilever drilling jack-up CJ43

A modern solution for mature jack-up territory

Schiedam, The Netherlands - November 9, 2015. The CJ43 is the latest addition to the successful and well-established GustoMSC cantilever drilling jack-up CJ series. With its 142ft leg spacing, the CJ43 is the modern replacement of its successful predecessors and sets a new standard for jack-up drilling rigs used in mature oil and gas fields.

In these mature oil and gas fields, particularly in the Middle East, India, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Asia, a specific footprint and related maximum preload level is required due to earlier campaigns and soil conditions. The key reference to this footprint is the LeTourneau-116 design. Using innovative technology, a more modern jack-up design such as the CJ43 delivers operational benefits to owners and operators in terms of lower Opex and higher operational flexibility.

The CJ43 features enhanced capabilities and robustness with its innovative design solutions for everyday operational benefits. It is well equipped with a modern drilling setup for exploration and field development drilling and can operate in water depths of 375ft (114m) in moderate conditions. Key jack-up design elements, which are part of every CJ design are well balanced in the CJ43. Its leg design, leg handling, cantilever reach and derrick movement in combination with hook load capacities and the applied philosophy of rig survivability are brought to a new standard for mature oil and gas fields with this design.

The X-Y cantilever skidding system provides the large drilling envelope of 70x36ft (21m) and much appreciated additional deck space and improved logistics as it raises the entire cantilever and drill floor structure above the main deck by approximately 12ft (4m). The entire work deck of 23,700 square feet is reachable with forklift trucks, thus reducing crane lifts. The cantilever is sized such that all mud treatment equipment is located inside the enclosed part, consisting of two decks, which creates more available main deck space for the ever increasing amount of third party equipment.

Additional safety and reliability is introduced by the VSD-controlled proven jacking system. This is a proven jacking system which allows the rig master to get his rig on site in a safe, smooth and fully controlled process. The system is fully redundant and each pinion is torque controlled with stepless-speed ability. The controlled ramp up and down, with brakes still engaged, results in a significant reduction of peak loads on the electric system and reduces the wear and tear of the leg rack, pinions, gears and brakes.

By employing the latest design techniques, modern calculation methods and using high strength steel in the highest loaded areas, the CJ43 has a significantly lower weight than its closest competitors. The CJ43 really provides more for less. It is a truly best-in-class jack-up solution for these mature oil and gas fields.

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