Approval in principle for Steady Top Feeder solution

December 19, 2018

Approval in principle for Steady Top Feeder solution

London Offshore Consultants (LOC) has provided Barge Master and GustoMSC with an approval in principle for the work method of the Steady Top Feeder solution. This independent and impartial acceptance is an important next step in implementing this solution in US offshore wind projects.

Barge Master and GustoMSC asked LOC to act as if they were appointed as the marine warranty surveyor of an offshore wind project and on that basis to assess whether the solution of the Steady Top Feeder is in principle acceptable to them. This week LOC gave their formal approval of this work method.

The reviewed procedure is found to be acceptable at this stage of project development as a principle. LOC believes that with detailed HAZID and other normal project review processes for a live project this approach could be approved’, says Peter Croll, Renewables London Offshore Consultants.

Barge Master and GustoMSC will continue their constructive discussions with the relevant parties involved in the earliest US offshore wind farm developments, bringing the Steady Top Feeder solution a step closer to realization.


Read the full press release here.