1,100 t load test

May 29, 2017

1,100 t load test

for the first Rainbow crane

Recently GustoMSC and Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. (Rainbow/RHM) reached an important milestone. The GustoMSC 1,000 t leg crane as first project with Rainbow, has successfully lifted 1,100 ton to perform the 110% load test. The process on site went very smoothly. The design for this 1,000 t leg crane is a further development of GustoMSC’ s successful series of 800 and 900 t leg cranes of which five were delivered in the period 2011 – 2014.

Rainbow agreement
In September 2015 GustoMSC has signed a collaboration agreement with Rainbow/RHM for the supply of the design and key components for leg encircling cranes to be fabricated and supplied by Rainbow. These light weight cranes are mounted on a jack-up around one of the legs of the unit and are generally used for installation and maintenance of wind turbines. With this first project Rainbow has proven to deliver a high quality crane with very short delivery time. With the assistance of GustoMSC, Rainbow/RHM markets and sells the cranes in the local Chinese market. For the international market GustoMSC promotes its crane designs, where fabrication and supply by Rainbow/RHM is now a proven possibility.

We are looking forward to more successful projects in cooperation with Rainbow/RHM!