Middle East Drilling

Middle East Drilling

29 - 31 Jan '18
Abu Dhabi

Paper presentation: Enhancing Jack-up Performance Using Add-on Spudcans

Rutger Baan - Commercial Director GustoMSC


The theme for this conference is “Building on Today’s Efficiencies for Tomorrow’s Market.”  This will be the basis for the technical agenda and discussion topics.

Our industry is enduring one of its most challenging times since its beginning. Oil prices in the past few years have mandated every sector of the industry to turn every stone at all fronts to sustain profitability by making operations more efficient than ever and introducing new technologies. Our industry has been very successful in overcoming the challenges and has proven once again its flexibility to adapt to any market conditions.

The efficiency undertaken today will serve as a building block to overcome the obstacles of tomorrow’s market. The conference will provide the participants with the opportunity and the venue to meet with industry professionals and experts to share their experience and success stories.