Engineering consultancy

Engineering consultancy

Exploring options and creating opportunities

Leveraging our extensive experience from our basic designs and the construction and operational support of mobile offshore units, GustoMSC provides engineering consultancy services to offshore contractors, oil companies and yards, as well as supporting services in the renewable energy sector.

These services range from concept review to one-off designs, fleet enhancement, or field development studies and may comprise studies to obtain strategic insights and business scenarios, translating market analysis results into design requirements and practical solutions. We cooperate with key suppliers and universities to keep up to date with industry opportunities, innovations, and solutions. We are able to draft a principle solution or provide support to pre-feed or feed level.

Examples of our engineering consultancy services include:

  • One-off design of special purpose hulls or other purpose-built offshore floating structures.
  • Advanced time domain simulation studies for offshore installation of floating structures or subsea equipment.
  • Supervision of model tests. GustoMSC regularly supervises wind-tunnel, towing, sea keeping, and station keeping tests. Our scope includes drafting test specifications, test supervision, result review, and analysis.
  • Advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation studies to calculate, for example, drag resistance, moon pool sloshing or thruster interaction phenomena. A good working relationship with European knowledge institutes helps us to keep our skills and knowledge state-of-the-art.
  • Concept development. We can quickly assess feasibility of novel offshore concepts such as floating renewable energy.
  • Conversion feasibility. GustoMSC can assist in finding suitable conversion candidate hulls and assess conversion impacts in an early stage for strategic consideration in business cases.
  • Suitability for Arctic upgrades for different floater designs.
  • Third-party verification, review of offshore designs for yards, or EPC contractors.

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