Customized Designs

Customized Designs

Developing best-in-class solutions

Over time, our innovation has resulted in a portfolio of best-in-class solutions to meet our clients’ wishes and requirements. Safety, efficiency, workability and effective uptime are key in the solutions GustoMSC provides.Our clients also receive:

  • Freedom of choice: due to our independent position, GustoMSC customers are completely free when it comes to choosing a yard for the construction of the unit.
  • Reliability through proven design: GustoMSC has provided nearly 300 designs for units in operation or under construction.
  • Create distinctiveness by customization: GustoMSC delivers customized solutions based on existing proprietary technologies and concepts, adapted to meet the challenges of the specific client’s requirements.
  • Choice of every mou design / unique IP stock: GustoMSC has developed a range of designs for different markets which has provided us with an unrivaled portfolio and intellectual property stock.
  • Integration ability: Our senior technology engineers, are the link between the practical needs of our customers, the equipment suppliers and the technological realization on the drawing board.

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