Developing game-changing solutions

Working closely with customers, our specialist teams of consultants, designers, and engineers offer the power of development. As a top-level engineering company, our business approach is to stay at the very front of solutions and technologies. We know how to work together in innovation, develop and safeguard intellectual property with all stakeholders.

It is for this reason that we are able to make the next step in the offshore energy production possible. Our knowledge enables our customers to look ahead:

  • In-house research & development: Our in-house research and studies in all relevant technologies enables us to maintain a profound and in-depth knowledge of the physics behind the phenomena which occur in the interaction between mobile offshore structures and the offshore environment. Based on this fundamental in-depth knowledge we are able to perform the analyses on the very edge of the technological developments, considering all relevant physical effects in a properly quantified manner.
  • Strategic insights & Business scenarios: Market analysis, functional requirements and operational experience are translated into design requirements and practical solutions.
  • Principles of solutions: We help to define design requirements, providing prior insight to design consequences of choices based on our design and engineering portfolio and knowledge.
  • Concept designs: By translating requirements into bespoke and proprietary solutions, designs and technologies for and with our clients we bring innovation to reality.
  • Co-creation and cooperation with key suppliers and universities: Our vast experience, industry relations and long history provide us with great insight into the offshore industry and its challenges and opportunities, innovation and solutions. By sharing these in our cooperation we help to gain a competitive edge

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