Making the future of offshore energy

GustoMSC has a long proven track record in the offshore energy industry. Our company is the creator of many game-changing innovative solutions like the first dynamic positioning drillship in the world and the first drilling jack-up in the North Sea. To keep in pace with the demands and wishes of our customers, we are always looking for outstanding people to join our company. New colleagues who will make the future of offshore energy. Discover how you can contribute.

Career_ Learning in the fast lane

Learning in the fast lane

Ask yourself: do you like to be challenged to invent solutions that are simply better, cost-effective and more efficient than existing ones. Do you have the abilities to learn quickly, to identify the most relevant issues and propose solutions. Are you prepared to take yourself a step further and to develop your (personal) skills?

Career_ Cooperation is key

Cooperation is key

We believe that outstanding results are achieved by working together with your clients and colleagues. Therefore we will ask you about your achievements in your academic, work or private life. Are you a volunteer at your local sports club or a member of the student association? Are you a motivated team member and the first person to say 'yes' when being asked for new or unfamiliar tasks?

Career- Qualified?

Are you qualified?

Are you interested in making the future of offshore energy work? There is a strong competition for vacancies, so how you present yourself and your personal strengths is essential. Please click here to upload your motivation letter and cv.

Career- What we have to offer

what we have to offer

As a top-level engineering company, our business approach is to remain at the leading edge of technology. Therefore, we consider our employees to be our most valuable asset. We work with our clients in a hazardous domain that involves risks for people, materials and the natural environment. As a result, we have adopted an attitude of care, attention and awareness. Our corporate culture is characterized by openness, common sense and respect.

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