Basic design & equipment

Basic design & equipment

Providing guidance and assistance

More than 250 mobile offshore units have been built to a GustoMSC design. We are continuously working with shipyards to guide and assist them with the translation of our basic designs into detailed and fabrication drawings as well as with the integration and commissioning of the provided equipment.

As an independent designer, we facilitate a competitive bidding process, with a design incorporating all client specific requirements and solutions. Contractors and owners can tender without any constraints on the construction facilities, and yards can quote. And once the decision to build has been made, GustoMSC provides both the basic design package and the equipment to the selected yard.

We provide:

Basic designs: We offer bespoke and proprietary designs to the offshore industry, tailored and customized to the specific needs of our clients and their projects. Working with shipyards, we cooperate on specific solutions within the design parameters to optimize construction, thereby reducing capital expenditure.

Equipment: In order to increase the operational capabilities and guarantee the optimum functionality of mobile offshore units, GustoMSC has developed a range of equipment and systems that can be supplied to the shipyard as a package along with the basic design or as separate add-on for an already existing unit. Read more about our equipment.

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