Basic design & associated equipment

Basic design & associated equipment

Providing guidance and assistance

We are continuously working with shipyards to guide and assist them with the translation of our basic designs into detailed designs as well as integration and commissioning of the associated equipment.

We provide:

Basic designs: As a top-level engineering company, we are at the very front of solutions, designs & technologies. We offer bespoke and proprietary designs to the offshore industry, tailored and customized to the specific needs of our clients and their projects. We balance functionality, constructability, operational and capital expenditure before the tendering process, facilitating decision making unencumbered by commercial interests. Working with shipyards, we cooperate on specific solutions within the design premises to optimize building, thereby reducing capital expenditure.

Associated equipment: In order to increase the operational capabilities and guarantee the optimal functionality of our design solutions, GustoMSC has developed a range of critical equipment and systems that are supplied as a package with the basic design to the shipyard. These patented equipment and systems are developed in-house based on the knowledge and experience gained through feedback from operators over the years.

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A license model: As an independent designer, we facilitate a competitive bidding process, with a design incorporating all specific requirements and solutions. Contractors and owners can tender, and yards can quote, without upfront costs. Once a decision to build has been taken, GustoMSC provides the basic design under a license and the associated equipment to the yard.

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