Associated Equipment

Associated Equipment

Enabling integrated solutions

In order to increase the operational capabilities and guarantee the optimal functionality of our design solutions, GustoMSC has developed a range of critical equipment and systems that are supplied as a package with the basic design to the shipyard.

These patented equipment and systems are developed in-house based on the knowledge and experience gained through feedback from operators over the years. For the delivery of certain key equipment, GustoMSC collaborates with long-term key suppliers with whom we share in-depth experience and knowledge. For the drive and control systems of our Rack & Pinion Jacking Systems, we work together with Siemens on a mutual exclusive basis for global marketing of the patented VSD R&P jacking system.

The manufacturing of equipment and systems is outsourced in packages to reputable suppliers with whom we obtain long-lasting relationships. The manufacturing process and quality control is thoroughly executed by GustoMSC specialists. After delivery of the equipment installation will take place by the yard. Installation streamlined due to the IKEA style installation manuals and on site installation advice of GustoMSC specialists if requested. Final commissioning and initial operation is under the supervision of our engineers.

At your service

After unit delivery, GustoMSC provides operational support such as training, supply of spare parts, inspections, surveys, preventive maintenance and repairs and life-cycle upgrades. Guarantee claims are also managed by GustoMSC’s Customer Service. These service activities form the basis of dedicated Service Agreements for each type of equipment. The agreements include 24/7/365 access to operational and technical support.


Customized training can be provided for rig personnel using our equipment. Two part training consists of a theoretical classroom training, followed by practical operation onboard the vessel. Our specialist engineers can also support the vessel’s personnel during the initial operation of these systems. This reduces the learning curve and benefits both safety and operational efficiency.

Long-term support

Equipment is designed to have lifespans of several decades, making it is essential the units are effectively inspected and maintained. Lists of recommended spares are always provided and detailed maintenance plans can be developed in consultation with the client, tailored to their maintenance philosophy. A typical maintenance plan includes routine preventive maintenance by the on board crew, combined with specialist preventive maintenance by us in years 2 and 4. This is followed up with recommendations for maintenance and, possibly, upgrades in year 5, in preparation for the scheduled survey.

Extensive records are maintained on all the equipment we have ever designed. Units change ownership several times during their lifetime and records are regularly lost in the transition. Hence the current owner contacts us with requests for documentation, inspections, and advice on modifications and lifetime extensions. Supply of spare parts including installation can be arranged. This gives the client more certainty, and the advantage of a simpler supply chain.