Fixation system

Fixation system

Sturdy leg contsruction, increased unit capabilities
Fixation system

Operational features

The GustoMSC Fixation Systems offer the following characteristics:

  • Operational
    • Increased survival conditions
  • Automation
  • Easy maintenance
    • Low maintenance
    • Standard components

In elevated conditions efficient distribution is required of the weight of the jack-up and the environmental loads. A fixation system ensures the load distribution is more efficient than in a jack-up without a fixation system. The use of the fixation system results in a lighter leg, as the brace system can be designed with less weight and a smaller diameter. The slender leg attracts less wave and current loads and results operability in either harsher environmental conditions or deeper water capability. The fixation system is low maintenance, thanks to its electric motor drive, and can easily be operated by one person.

Fixation system on CJ70
Fixation System