We are one of the leading design and engineering companies involved in all types of mobile units/vessels for the offshore industry, including the delivery of associated equipment.GustoMSC_matrix.Apr-12_Page_1

Our projects are aimed at the offshore exploration, construction and production markets.
The innovative solutions are centered on all types of jack-up units, semi-submersibles or mono-hull vessels.
We believe in building strong relationships with our clients so as to develop the project to their requirements.

The clients' acceptance of our market approach is evidenced by our leading position in the market and the number of units built to our proprietary designs and using our associated equipment.

Proprietary designs
We have developed proprietary designs in the field of jack-ups, semi-submersibles and vessels. These designs, which embody all our expertise and experience, are the starting points for further development in tandem with our clients.

Associated equipment
In addition to the proprietary designs, we also manufacture and deliver associated equipment such as the jacking systems, fixation systems and X-Y skidding systems for the jack-up units, and the thruster retrieval systems for the DP vessels.
The rack and pinion systems and the hydraulic jacking systems have been part of an extensive innovation process. The Variable Speed Drive rack and pinion system is one example, another being the continuous hydraulic jacking systems with an enhanced jacking speed.

Turnkey delivery
We have a long history in the design and engineering of large offshore derrick cranes built in the early 80